The Great Battery Giveaway

Signia made several hearing aid battery donations to children’s hospitals, school systems, and pediatric accounts around the country this month. Our hope is that these batteries will help provide support to students and young children who receive services from these hearing healthcare providers.

A total of 1,000 hearing aid batteries were shipped on Tuesday, May 17 to seven accounts that support active kids and teens with hearing loss:

  • Cooks Children’s Hospital
  • Louis Special School District
  • Willamette School District
  • New York City Schools
  • Fairfax County Schools
  • Houston Surgical & Cosmetic CE
  • Institute of Hearing & Balance

Here are a couple of the responses we’ve received so far:

“Thank you so much for the very generous donation.  We have many students who can use the batteries and appreciate you including us in the donation.” – Shiela Moore-Neff, AuD, CCC-A, Fairfax County Public Schools, Falls Church, VA

“That is so kind of you.  We do have so many needy children who run out of batteries before their Medicaid quota becomes due again.  Thank you so much!” ― Glenda Smith-Fowler, Willamette Educational School District, Salem, Oregon

Signia hearing solutions for kids and teens

We offer a wide range of hearing aids suited to the needs of active kids and teens who want high-tech, yet discreet options to improve their hearing. One example is Motion® SA. Its primax™ technology improves speech understanding in noisy situations like classrooms or school cafeterias by focusing in on the voice of the person they’re facing. Motion SA comes with an optional battery compartment for direct audio input (DAI) via an integrated audio shoe for use with school FM systems.

Motion SA also offers features like EchoShield. In places where there’s a lot of reverberation, such as auditoriums and classrooms, normal hearing aids amplify not only direct speech, but also the echoes that bounce off the walls. These reflected signals get mixed with direct speech and overall sound quality suffers. EchoShield offers a Reverberant Room program to make hearing in these demanding situations easier.

Motion SA is compatible with the easyTek™ accessory, which allows kids to stream audio from any Bluetooth®-enabled device directly into their hearing aids, effectively transforming their devices into a high-tech stereo headset. And youngsters love the ability to control their hearing aids using the touchControl™ App downloaded for free to their Android™ smartphone or iPhone®. A hearing aid adjustment looks like nothing more than checking a text!


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