Full Hearing Comfort -- Low Battery Usage

Better hearing and understanding plus economic battery usage. Our hearing aids use energy-efficient features and orchestrate them in a targeted manner whenever they are needed. The result is hearing comfort throughout the day.

Full hearing comfort

The mini-computers in our new primax™ line of hearing aids provide optimal performance from morning to night, without interruption. Speech is detected, emphasized, and clarified for easy understanding. Sounds that interfere with speech understanding are suppressed, such as wind or reverberation. In most models sound can be streamed directly into your hearing aids via a Bluetooth®-compatible accessory from sources including TVs, stereo systems, and telephones. So, you can hear sounds like movie soundtracks right in your hearing aids instead of straining to hear over the noise from rustling candy wrappers and whispering seat neighbors.

Low energy usage

primax hearing aids are energy-efficient. They continuously analyze the environment around you and turn on their necessary functions in energy-saving mode only when they are really needed. This advanced processing helps extend the lives of your hearing aids’ batteries. Since it all happens automatically, you won’t notice anything except that you can hear clearly even when you leave a quiet location for louder surroundings. You can listen and understand stress-free in every hearing situation from breakfast to the last moment of an evening concert, at which special music programs in the hearing aids allow you to enjoy music to the fullest.

Our primax hearing aids provide easy listening in everyday situations, reducing the end-of-day fatigue from straining to hear others experience with less-advanced hearing aids. Chat, make calls, confer at work, or listen to music at home or a concert. Signia primax hearing aids combine relaxed listening with the highest wearing comfort and lowest battery drain.