Forbes Reviews Signia primax

Hearing aids enter the “autonomous listening” age.

“In the same way the Tesla cars are starting to deliver on the promise of autonomous driving, the next generation of hearing aids are starting to deliver on the promise of ‘autonomous listening’ hearing aids.”  So says Yuri Teshler, Practice Lead, Health Consumerization at Moor Insights & Strategy, in a new review for Forbes.com of Signia Pure® primax™ hearing aids.


Yuri is an actual hearing aid wearer. He notes the three factors people like him use to evaluate hearing aids: size, comprehension, and comfort. Unfortunately, in his experience one or more of these desirable traits must yield to the others — until now. With our primax hearing aids, wearers can finally enjoy all three. He also notes that our Pure do the best job of any hearing aid he’s previously worn as far as speech recognition and background noise reduction. He then notes that our technology has actually made listening less mentally and physically exhausting. In the end, he was so impressed by our tech that he states, “I would score the Signia Pure hearing aids a 9 out of 10.”

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