Thanks to Signia primax hearing aids HD Music program hearing aid wearers can enjoy music in all its diversity to the fullest extent.

Enjoy Music in All its Diversity

Music enriches our lives. Thanks to our primax™ smart hearing technology, even those with hearing loss can enjoy it to the fullest.

Music enriches our lives. Thanks to our primax™ smart hearing technology, even those with hearing loss can enjoy it to the fullest. Whether at a concert or in the comfort of your home, Signia hearing aids provides you with special programs that ensure music always sounds its best.

Andrew and the sound of music

From an early age, music was Andrew’s* passion. Andrew spent his twenties running from one event to another ― festivals, clubs, and concerts. If he wasn’t at a musical event, he spent evenings listening to loud music in his apartment, playing guitar in bars, or working as a DJ.

But at some point in his thirties, music began sounding more muted and muffled. The excessively loud evenings enjoyed in his youth had taken a toll on his hearing.

When Andrew first purchased hearing aids, he lost his enjoyment of music for the first time, leaving him with an empty feeling inside. A huge part of his life was missing and he feared it would never return. Fortunately, a later purchase of Signia Pure® primax hearing aids changed all that. Here’s how his experience went.

Experiencing music anew

Andrew’s hearing care professional explains that his new hearing aids feature special sound technology that allows music to sound full and voluminous without interruption at the touch of a button. Andrew plans to try it out this evening at a concert with his wife.

On the way to work, he also takes time to enjoy another advantage of his hearing aids, using the easyTek™ remote streamer. This feature connects wirelessly to his smartphone and allows him to listen to his favorite music on the train without the need for additional headphones.

Although Andrew prefers loud rock music, he bought tickets for the symphony concert at the philharmonic hall this evening, because his wife enjoys classical music. He also used to enjoy the complex compositions and multilayered structure of classical music, but is worried he won’t be able to fully appreciate it anymore. Just before the orchestra plays the first bar, he activates the HD Music program and selects the Live Music setting. Although the people around him are constantly leaning in to talk to one another, he hears the orchestra’s music in clear, detail-rich, HD quality.

During the intermission, Andrew and his wife treat themselves to a glass of champagne and chat in the large concert hall foyer. “Best concert I could actually hear in years,” says Andrew, happily.

The right program for every type of music

Andrew has come to appreciate the sound technology of his hearing aids at more than just concerts. He can play his favorite albums at home, too, and really get into them again. He selects the Recorded Music HD Music program to fully enjoy a Carlos Santana guitar solo in perfect HD quality. He even picks up his own guitar and plays along with his buddies in their band again. For musicians with hearing loss ― and there are quite a few ― the special Musician setting enables concentration on their own performance and ensures playing at the correct volume. Now, Andrew is back performing with a band for the first time in a very long while, and thrilled to have music as a part of his life again!
*We invented Andrew for story telling reasons but all situations depicted could occur as explained in real life.