Effortless Hearing Through Wind and Echoes

Last week we told you how our hearing aids help you tackle challenging listening environments with ease. This week we’ll cover more high-tech features that address specific situations like gusts of wind and echoes.

Windy environments make it difficult to understand what conversation partners are saying. But thanks to the proven audiological features in Signia hearing aids, you can hear every word clearly. For example, imagine it’s late afternoon and you’re sitting at a street café enjoying a coffee with friends. As the conversation picks up so does the wind and the traffic, but with our hearing aids catching every word is a breeze. Our automatic SPEECH™ function singles out the speech at your table while simultaneously engaging eWindScreen™ and noise reduction to suppress wind noise and the sound of passing vehicles. The end result is that you hear every word clearly, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation.

Echoes of the past

Dealing with sound reflections and reverberations that we know as echoes can be challenging. Picture yourself at a museum with your children or grandchildren. Voices echo and mix with the sound of footsteps on the tiled floors. A guide behind you asks if you need any help. Straining to hear in this environment can be tiring, but our hearing aids help you to take it all in stride. Our automatic EchoShield™ program all but eliminates echoes and reverberation, delivering a cleaner, clearer sound. The only thing you need to concentrate on is which exhibit to see first.

Please note: the features available in your hearing aids may vary depending on the configuration of the individual device. Your hearing care professional will be happy to assist you in choosing a pair that has the best features to suit your individual needs. You can find a qualified hearing care professional near you by using our handy online Locator tool.