Hearing loss in the workplace can affect an employee's performance at work, their company’s success, and even the economy at large.

The Effects of Hearing Loss in the Workplace

The impact of hearing loss goes beyond just how an individual interacts with the world – it can affect their performance at work, their company’s success, and the economy at large.

Did you know that people with hearing loss are more likely to be unemployed than those with normal hearing? Or that individuals with untreated hearing loss may miss opportunities for promotions or salary increases?

Untreated hearing loss doesn’t just impact an individual employee’s chances for success – it can also affect their company’s overall performance, and even the economy as a whole.

What can be done to help the situation?

Signia’s Rebecca Herbig, AuD, and Manager & Editor, Scientific Marketing explores the issue of hearing loss in the workplace in a new LinkedIn Pulse article, available at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-does-hearing-loss-impact-your-workplace-rebecca-herbig/