Connectivity in the Palm of your Hand

Everyday activities like listening to music and making phone calls can become challenging when hearing loss sets in. Modern hearing aids help you master these tasks with ease.

Music is one of the joys of hearing

How can you rekindle your enjoyment of music after your hearing fades? Wearing hearing aids does not mean the end of a life filled with music and song — in fact, Signia’s modern hearing aids are expertly configured to restore your ability to enjoy music to the fullest.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite band at a concert or at home on your stereo system (or even if you’re onstage performing yourself) our hearing aids provide the ideal acoustic balance. The hearing aids’ HD Music program delivers outstanding high-definition sound quality engineered to let you savor each and every note.

HD Music can be activated conveniently and discreetly via a push button or the touchControl™ App on your smartphone. The app puts complete control at your fingertips so you can change hearing programs and adjust the volume, bass, and treble to suit your needs. All you need is a smartphone.

Phone calls conducted with ease

Phone calls are also a snap with our hearing aids. You can pair them to your Bluetooth®-enabled phone for hands-free calling and music streaming. Now, instead of struggling to hear the voice at the other end of the line, your hearing aids “share” the incoming speech, enabling you to hear the speaker clearly in both ears. You can hear and understand callers again effortlessly, rather than straining and having to ask them to keep repeating themselves.

Features may vary depending on the configuration of the individual hearing aid. Your hearing care professional will be happy to assist you in finding the right model with all the features you want that also fits your budget. You can find a qualified hearing care professional near you by using our handy Find a Hearing Care Professional locator tool.