It’s Your Choice: How Harvey Overcame Hearing Loss

Signia’s new "It’s Your Choice" project raises awareness of why waiting to treat hearing loss can be harmful to your health and well-being. Learn how one individual finally decided to do something about his hearing loss and hear what’s important again with hearing aids.

Harvey Patterson lives in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and two grandsons. One morning Harvey’s youngest grandson asked, “Don’t you love me anymore?” Harvey was confused. “Of course I do, why would you ask?” His grandson, tears in his eyes, answered haltingly, “I asked you to come to my track meet and you agreed, but then you didn’t come.”

Harvey was devastated. Like many with hearing loss, Harvey often guesses what others are saying. This time he guessed wrong and it hurt. It didn’t have to be that way. The tools have existed for years to address Harvey’s hearing loss—he just waited too long.

It isn’t only Harvey. The typical person waits nearly seven years from the time they know they have a hearing problem until they address their hearing loss. The most common thing people say after getting hearing aids? “I wish I hadn’t waited so long.”

In order to maintain your hearing, it is crucial to address any signs of hearing loss while still in their early stages. If you want to know for sure whether you’re hearing as well as you should (and could), contact a hearing care professional for a full assessment and advice about possible treatment options.

We’ve decided to help raise awareness as to why waiting to treat hearing loss is harmful to your health and well-being. The result is the Signia It’s Your Choice campaign. We performed a nationwide search and found three people who really needed help with their hearing (Harvey was one of those people) but who had never sought treatment. We then gave them everything they needed to address their loss—professional diagnoses, hearing aids, and professional fittings.

We also sent a film crew out to record every second of the process. Our goal was to show others just how transformative it can be to regain your hearing. The result is a video series that tells the story of three very special people as they journey back to hearing.

Here’s what our videographer had to say about the experience: “These are truly moving stories. I will tell you that even though I’ve been working in the hearing field my entire career, I still cried as I watched.”

Ultimately these are uplifting and inspirational stories. Our hope is that they will help others—perhaps people like yourself or someone you love—to take that first step toward improving their hearing.

So, what happened with Harvey? Click through to find out how hearing aids improved his life.