Introducing Signia Cellion: Revolutionary Hearing

Get new batteries is a reminder that many hearing aid wearers have on their calendar. Depending on usage, the little power suppliers in conventional hearing aids have to be replaced about every two weeks. But now you can confidently remove this reminder from the calendar, thanks to Signia’s new Cellion™ hearing aids.

Cellion is the world’s first inductive charging lithium-ion hearing aid. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion power cell, all you have to do is place them in a small charging dock in the evening before going to bed. Unlike other rechargeable hearing aids on the market, Cellion uses contact-free charging technology, meaning you don’t have to line up charging contacts or position your hearing aids in the charger any specific way. Once inside, they automatically switch off and the charging process starts.

When you remove Cellion after charging, not only are they charged and dried, they automatically switch on and are immediately ready for use. Once fully charged, your hearing aids are ready for 24 hours of continuous use with unlimited audio streaming. And if you’re ever unsure whether the charge will last through the evening after an intensive day of listening, you can use the 30-minute power charge function to ensure more than seven hours of additional listening pleasure. And thanks to the standard micro-USB interface of the charging dock, you can charge your hearing aids while on the go with virtually any USB-compatible power source, such as the power supply of a smartphone.

We’ll have more to share about our exciting new Cellion hearing aids in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we invite you to watch our short introduction video to see why we love our Cellion — and you will, too!