Cellion Hearing Aids are Remarkable: MacSources Review

We are excited to share an enthusiastic new review of our Cellion™ hearing aids and the myHearing App™ by Nicholas Calderone, the co-founder and Senior Editor of the prestigious MacSources technical review blog. Nick was introduced to our products during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year, where Signia was recognized as an Innovation Award Honoree for Cellion and the myHearing App.

Nick’s review is particularly meaningful in that he actually does have a significant hearing loss. He didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until he saw a hearing care professional and had his assessed.

Here are a couple of highlights from his review:

“The Cellion hearing aids are remarkable in how well they direct the sound around you and how easy they are to use.”

“I can’t tell you how much joy has been brought to my life over the past month just by being able to hear using the Cellion hearing aids. If you or someone you know experiences any sort of hearing loss, take a look at the Cellion hearing aids from Signia.”

Nick also talks about how well the myHearing App works and the benefits of enabling hearing care professionals to fine-tune hearing aids remotely:

“Another great feature of the Signia hearing aids is their ability to be remotely programmed.”

“As the user, you can also make adjustments to the volume level and EQ settings through the Signia app on your phone. This was something that I really valued while testing because some environments are just too overwhelming when you are surrounded by them.”

We encourage you to read the entire review and watch the accompanying video on the MacSources website.