Cellion First Impressions — Love!

We’ve received another rave review for Cellion™ from tech product reviewer Jonathan Yaniv of TrustedNerd.com. Jonathan first reviewed our Pure® hearing aids a year ago, and was thrilled with their performance — so much so that when he stopped by our table at CES this year, he was eager to try out our latest offering, Cellion Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.

Here are a couple of highlights from Jonathan’s review:

“I’ve been trying out the Signia Cellion and I must say, I freaking love them!!”

“Charging is so quick and simple…Super convenient!”

Jonathan ends this review by telling readers to “Stay tuned!” He brought the Cellion to two conferences to test them out and will be discussing his experiences wearing them in these challenging environments in the near future.

You can read Jonathan’s full review on the TrustedNerd.com website.