Enjoy the Great Outdoors Again

Spring is just around the corner! Those of us living in states where the seasons change are itching to spend time outside.

Spring is just around the corner! Those of us living in states where the seasons change are itching to spend time outside.

Hearing aids can make spring even better by allowing you to hear pleasant sounds you didn’t even realize you’ve been missing. However, many hearing aid wearers also experience frustration due to noise that makes it hard to understand when others talk. Here’s a look at the benefits and challenges of wearing hearing aids outdoors, along with some improvements of which you may not be aware.

The good: sounds of the season

While feeling the warm temperatures again are at the top of most people’s lists for loving springtime, you enjoy the season most when all of your senses are engaged. Sights like the trees filling with green leaves and crocuses poking through the earth fill you with a sense of rebirth. You smell the scent of blooming flowers and fresh air. You taste the salt from sea breezes and the flavors of springtime fare at local cafes.

Hearing plays an important part, as well. Listening to the sounds of birds singing, cicadas whistling, children cooped up all winter laughing and playing — sounds add significant input that enhance your enjoyment of life. A good set of advanced hearing aids pick up even the softest sounds, and along with your other four senses enable you to experience all the pleasures being outside has to offer.

The challenge: outdoor noise

One of the top complaints hearing care professionals receive from hearing aid wearers concerns noise. At locations like a golf course, it can be very difficult to hold a conversation with your friends when the wind is blowing across your hearing aids and drowning out speech. Or maybe you’re taking a boat ride and enjoying the sounds of the waves and the ocean breeze―but your spouse has asked you the same question three times and you still aren’t sure what they said. Enjoyment can quickly turn to frustration under these circumstances.

That’s why we made our hearing aids “smart” when it comes to noise and wind. When you’re on that golf course, they will figure out the wind is blowing more strongly against the left side of your head and reroute your friend’s voice to the hearing aid in your right ear, so you can hear and understand what your buddy is saying. And on the boat, they’ll automatically detect your spouse’s voice behind you or to your side, then suppress the sounds of wind and ocean while amplifying your spouse’s words.

So, put in your hearing aids and you’re ready to enjoy the great outdoors to its fullest!