Signia hearing aids presents an illustration of how wearing their advanced primax hearing aids can restore enjoyment of life for people with hearing loss.

Better Hearing. Better Life

Hearing loss can make people feel isolated. Hearing aids restore a fully enjoyable social and professional life through effortless hearing.

Bringing hearing back to life

Maria* smiles as she’s getting ready for her date with John*. She recently met him at their mutual friend Anne’s* barbecue and they clicked instantly. It’s hard for Maria to believe that just a few months ago wouldn’t have even considered going on the date, or socializing at all. Going out to eat, concerts, bike rides, vacation — all activities that she’d love before she started losing her hearing — had simply become too stressful and frustrating to enjoy.

It started with Maria preferring to have friends over instead of meeting them at a cafe or restaurant. Due to the background noise in these venues, she couldn’t follow a conversation without straining, and felt exhausted afterward. She stopped attending concerts because music sounded dull and melodies distorted. She no longer felt safe riding her bicycle, since she’d experienced several close calls when she didn’t hear cars coming up behind her, and her overall physical fitness started to decline.

Fortunately, Anne stepped in. She encouraged Maria to make an appointment with a hearing care professional to have her hearing loss officially diagnosed and treated, for which Maria is now immensely grateful. After an extensive consultation and individual fitting, she hears everything clearly again with her Signia hearing aids, and with far less effort even in noisy surroundings. She has also rediscovered the activities that used to bring her life joy. 

Regaining self-confidence

“You look great,” John says when he picks her up, reminding Maria that she was right not to let vanity keep her from treating her hearing loss. Her hearing aids are so small and unobtrusive that even she can barely see them in the mirror, despite her short haircut.

More importantly, once she realized that she really could understand everything and everyone again using her discreet devices, she regained confidence in herself. She no longer dreaded going out to parties and other crowded, noisy events. She felt safer riding her bike around town, not to mention healthier. And without having to strain to hear or needing to ask people to repeat themselves all the time, she felt much more sure of herself in social situations and at work.

Listening pleasure from the first note to the last 

The foyer of the theater is bustling half an hour before the show begins. Everyone is talking and laughing, yet despite the high noise level, Maria understands John’s every word. The SPEECH function in her hearing aids recognize John’s voice as a relevant source of speech and effectively elevates it above the background chatter.

Maria and John take their seats, where she can now focus on the performance at the push of a button. She activates the HD Music program in her hearing aids and chooses the live music setting. Maria is ready to enjoy the performance in clear, voluminous, high-definition quality, including sharply rising sound levels free of distortion. Even the chatty couple behind them cannot disturb Maria, as her hearing aids are focused on the music she wants to hear rather than distracting sounds in the theater.

Hearing well and living actively

Maria’s social calendar is very full these days. Besides her relationship with John, she goes to yoga twice a week. Every Wednesday she meets her friends for lunch. And this Thursday she is attending a reading by her favorite author at a local bookstore. Meanwhile, the weekend belongs entirely to Maria’s two grandchildren. She is already researching possible activities with them: going to the zoo, the swimming pool, or riding bikes — whatever they want to do. Thanks to her Signia hearing aids, she knows she can keep up without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

*We invented Maria, Anne, and John for story telling reasons but the situations depicted could occur as explained in real life