2017: A Year in Review

From introducing several world-first innovations, earning high-profile recognition of our solutions, and welcoming new leadership, 2017 was an incredible year for Signia. Read the highlights below and see how they’ve set us up to offer you even more exciting products in 2018!

Award-winning technology

The year began on a high note with Signia named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree, recognizing two of our products for outstanding design and engineering. One award was for Cellion™, the world’s first lithium-ion inductive rechargeable hearing aids. These hearing aids allow for 24 hours of continuous use, along with unlimited Bluetooth® streaming on a single charge. Our second award was for the Signia myHearing™ app. This app allows hearing aid patients to schedule and meet with their hearing care professional virtually, while distinguishing Signa as the first hearing aid brand to enter the rapidly growing mobile health field.

New hearing aid innovations

This recognition of our products was only the beginning of our success in 2017. We also expanded our technology throughout the year as we brought to market other industry-first solutions:

  • New approach to tinnitus therapy: In January, Signia introduced a new way to treat tonal tinnitus through Notch Therapy. Unlike traditional sound therapy treatments, Notch Therapy treats tinnitus at its anatomic source. Hearing care professionals simply program the patient’s hearing aids with a filtered notch at the exact pitch of the tinnitus to inhibit the internal noise while enhancing external sounds.
  • Hearing clarity and wireless connectivity: Signia released our Pure® 13 BT hearing aids in March, delivering several groundbreaking features. These hearing aids were developed to provide direct connectivity with your iPhone® for direct streaming of music, TV, and phone calls. They also include a motion reader to deliver optimal hearing even when walking or jogging.
  • The most natural own voice: In October, we released our Signia Nx line of hearing aids and introduced another world’s first – Own Voice Processing (OVP™). This technology enables hearing aids to process the wearer’s own voice independently from other sounds without sacrificing sound quality. This leads to higher acceptance rate for new hearing aid wearers while creating a more natural listening experience.

New leadership team

In March, Signia welcomed two additions to our leadership team to further drive our growth and innovation. Steve Mahon joined as CEO, bringing strategic vision and broad experience in the medical device industry to lead us into the future. Additionally, Eric Timm was appointed Chief Operating Officer, leveraging extensive experience in the healthcare industry to lead customer strategy and operations.

Changing an industry

Throughout 2017, Signia developed new, cutting-edge solutions to help people hear what’s most important to them. We look forward to continuing this success in 2018, and we have many new and exciting innovations to come in the year ahead. So, stay tuned to see how we’ll further change the hearing aid industry and make life sound brilliant for even more people in the new year.